Rafael Unplugged Interview

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Rafael DeAusen aka Rafael Unplugged is an acoustic musician with an entrepreneurial mindset and a hard work ethic. Although Rafael’s main focus and passion is creating music, he also manages a

Church Kids Interview

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Don’t let their name fool you. The Church Kids are a rock and roll band that love to put on a high energy show, no matter the setting, in hopes

Big Ben Interview

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We’d like to introduce you to the Malesso boy with a big voice and an even bigger heart! “Big Ben” Nangauta has a soulful voice that will surely captivate your

Greatest Beats at the Bank of Guam Block Party

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  • Big Ben Nangauta Acoustic Attack

Back in March, Bank of Guam (BOG) hosted a block party for the purpose of increasing community involvement in raising money for the American Cancer Society’s efforts in the fight against